Context & Vision

Glyno is a decentralized dating platform. What does this mean? This means we use masternodes with blockchain technology to store you personal information on the blockchain. We want to provide the next level in security through online dating whn it comes to protecting your personal informaton.

No credit cards needed like other dating sites, only Glyno! Using Glyno on the decentralized dating platform will grant you full access to all features Glyno has to offer making it fast, easy, and secure. Let us help you find that special someone. Join Glyno Today!

iOS and Android apps coming soon!


A high level roadmap for the project is shown below. We will continuously strive to improve our roadmap to deliver strong growth.

The Difference between Glyno Blockchain and usual dating


Users need to share their personal information for usual dating apps, which is a risk factor for information theft and blackmailing.

Glyno offers an anonymous dating matchmaking opportunity as well as blockchain protected information storage which makes information theft nearly impossible.

Safety and Personal Data Protection

Usual dating and matchmaking platforms can be hacked or sometimes platforms themselves can sell private personal information.

Glyno blockchain provides safety and personal data protection against hacking and its decentralized blockchain keeps user information safe.

Coin Specification





Masternode Collateral


Block Time

120 seconds

Total Supply

12,614,400 Glyno

Block Reward


Reward Split

50% Masternode, 50% Miners



Block Rewards

Block 2 - 30

2 Glyno

Block 31 - 90

4 Glyno

Block 91 - 150

6 Glyno

Block 151 - 210

8 Glyno

Block 211+

10 Glyno